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April 23, 2008
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Songs are colors.  For example, One Step Closer by Linkin Park is a green song, while In the End is more of a dark maroonish.  Crawling by Linkin Park is yellow.  Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones is kind of a pale blue.  Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles is also blue, but bright blue with silver flecks.  Certain classes of musical instruments are also colors.  Brass tends to be red, while strings tend to be green.  Percussion is yellow, woodwinds are brown, and electric guitars are fire-engine red.  Despite that, a song that is almost completely strings can sound red.

People are colors and shapes.  My friend Billy is kind of a blobby lime green.  Zuko is orange with a dynamic shape.  Katara is blue with spikes of red.  Aang is kind of a blue-grey with a smooth texture.  The Doctor (Doctor Who) has a different color for each regeneration.  The Tenth Doctor (Tennant) is blue, the Ninth Doctor (Eccleston) is black, McGann's Doctor is electric blue.  Tom Baker's Doctor is bright red and brown.  Gregory House is raw-flesh red with flecks of ice blue.  Lisa Cuddy on the other hand has more texture than color--she's a very spiked ball.  Stacy Warner is just a smooth blobby grey.  BanishedPrince, you are a red with black ribbons.  Heartsyhawk is more yellow.  Ichigo Kurosaki is very orange, Rukia is kind of a dark blue, Kon just needs to get stabbed (oh, but he's a puke green)

Some smells have color.  Cinnamon is kind of orange.  Wood lock oil is more of a relaxing yellow-orange.  (it's my favorite smell)  Wasabi is kind of a bright green, more like grass green, with little yellow capsules.

Colors and sounds also can be punctuation marks.  A bright color is an ! as well as a loud or startled sound.  I tend to like ! colors more.  ? colors are ones that are kind of muted versions of ! colors.  Colors  that show as . colors are neutral colors, like the ones on the DeviantArt stuff.  Black is a ... color, and white is more of a ...? to me for some reason.  Flat grey is more of a perpetual non-punctuated color.  It bores me.

When I read, I can hear a thought-voice speaking the words.  When I talk, I get a thought-page typing it (usually on a typewriter).  That's why I hate reading in public places; the two sets of words/voices get mixed up.

Concepts and emotions also have color.  Honor is gold, courage is red, cowardice is a wastewater brown, loneliness is blue (the blue on the first Avatar t-shirt with chibis), hate is spiky red-orange, determination is purple, and happiness is sky blue.  Hope is yellow (though that might be Digimon influenced), power is red, despair is black, wisdom is brown, sadness is a dark blue, envy is dark purple, bitterness is orange, and vengeance is dark red.  Romantic love can be either blue (deep love) or red (superficial love).  Family love is the color of a hug.  That can either be a relaxing brown or a blue.  Arrogance is bright yellow and at the same time green.

It's not that I see auras, because generally I can't tell a person's color until after I know them fairly well, but I do get first impressions.  I don't get along well with people who's first color is tan or yellow.  That's mostly jocks, preps, and redknecks.  (that was blunt, and I'm sorry)  People whose colors end up as yellow or tan are okay for some reason, but not if they have a strong yellow or tan at first.  I also don't make friends easily with people who have initial colors of dark blue, purple, or red.  These people are usually goths.  If someone I have just met is a green, for example, then I find out they're a perv, their color instantly switches to the color of sewage and they lose a few points.  I also don't get along well with pink people.  Ty Lee's "color", oddly enough, is not pink.  It's white.

Zutarans are generally orange, Kataangians are canary yellow, Maiko shippers are dark red, and Sukkans are green.

People can have outer colors and inner colors.  The girl down the street is a pink and orange (which is one reason I don't get along with her well), but her inner color is more of a navy blue.  (also why I don't get along with her).  Inner colors show more often in dramatic/deep moments, when they think no one is watching them or when they've come to tears about something.  Or sometimes when they're in "diary mode", when they divulge their secrets to everyone.

And obviously I can't see my own color due to the fact that it's like being a judge in a contest you're participating in--I'm kinda biased.
Here's to hoping that you'll be able to understand my thought processes a little more. Synesthesia is when someone gets their senses mingled.
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Hawkheart29 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I remember being told by a friend of mine that my aura was yellow with a little bit of brown in it, while Snuffles' (my teddy bear) aura is pure yellow.
totallytwee Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2011
This was a lot of fun to read about! I actually wrote a report on synesthesia last year, and ever since then I've enjoyed hearing experiences from actual synesthetes.

Just a question, do you physically see these colors and textures, or does your mind associate them to the words and sounds you experience? Ever since I was younger, I have always identified colors with words, songs, and concepts, but I haven't ever tangibly seen, say, blue whenever I listen to a certain song.

Anyways, thanks for sharing this, your description was very interesting!
castle444 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
This is so weird, because my story is SO similar! I did a report on synesthesia and always identified with it, but I didn't think that I had synesthesia because I don't SEE any colours, they are just SO ENGRAINED!! Then I read this:

Projectors and Associators are proposed forms of synesthesia that describe how you experience your synesthetic percept. If you are classified as an 'Associator', it means that your synesthetic associations (like colored letters, for example) are experienced in your mind's eye. When shown text on a page, Associators know that each letter has a color, but they don't actually see color on the page. If you are a 'Projector', it means that you physically see the color projected onto the page in front of you

So, there you go! I love the blog
There is a strong community of synesthetes, associater & projector!
darksporechild Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Not exactly tangible with the colors, more like the way you get mental images, but my tongue sometimes feels the textures in question, albeit very lightly.
hamto Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2010  Student General Artist
i think that this is very interesting i love watching avatar and i just finished reading a mango shaped space, it is a book about a girl with synesthesia
silvermoonlight13 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2010
You have Synesthesia also?
KalliaModel Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2010
My boyfriend has Auditory Synesthesia. He hears songs, like you, and sees colors and shapes inside of his head. His are constantly ever changing though, and different instruments produce different sounds, textures, etc.

I have spatial-sequence synesthesia. Not quite as intense.

Is this a type of Synesthesia or just something you noticed about yourself... because you described this perfectly, I get both of these too!
"When I read, I can hear a thought-voice speaking the words. When I talk, I get a thought-page typing it (usually on a typewriter). That's why I hate reading in public places; the two sets of words/voices get mixed up."

My boyfriend hates the color yellow because of its relation to his Synesthesia... some brass instruments and abrasive noises are most often yellow and orange.
darksporechild Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
I find it interesting how people have different colors for the same thing--brass instruments are usually red (though not necessarily the songs they are the primary instruments in). As for noises in general, they don't have vivid colors, but usually punctuation.

I just noticed it one day, but didn't know it was unique until it was on House. I thought everyone had some sort of associations like that.
DragonAnima Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2010
You have all of these? I only have emotions.
psycho-Vinos Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
Seems pretty cool :) The Wikipedia article didn't have much info, so this is great!
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